Building Crux artifacts

Alongside the various images available on Dockerhub, there are a number of artifacts available for getting started quickly with Crux.

These can be found on the latest release of Crux. Currently, these consist of a number of common configuration uberjars and a custom artifact builder.

To create your own custom artifacts for Crux:

  • Download and extract the crux-builder.tar.gz from the latest release

  • You can build an uberjar using either Clojure’s deps.edn or Maven (whichever you’re more comfortable with)

    • For Clojure, you can add further Crux dependencies in the deps.edn file, set the node config in crux.edn, and run

    • For Maven, it’s the same, but dependencies go in pom.xml

  • Additionally, you can build a Docker image using the script in the docker directory.


If you wish to use Crux with Docker (no JVM/JDK/Clojure install required!) we have the following:

  • Crux HTTP Node: An image of a standalone Crux node (using a in memory kv-store by default) & HTTP server, useful if you wish to a freestanding Crux node accessible over HTTP, only having to use Docker.