Crux is becoming XTDB!

You can read the rename announcement, or head to this page on the new XTDB site (where you'll be taken in 10 seconds).



Our friends over at Avisi have released support for JetBrains Xodus as a KV store for XTDB’s indices.

For more details, see the crux-xodus GitHub repo.

Project Dependency

  • deps.edn

avisi-apps/crux-xodus {:mvn/version "1.0.0"}

Using Xodus

Replace the implementation of the kv-store with avisi.crux.xodus/->kv-store

  • JSON

  • Clojure

  • EDN

  "xtdb/index-store": {
    "kv-store": {
      "xtdb/module": "avisi.crux.xodus/->kv-store",
      "db-dir": "/tmp/xodus"

  "xtdb/document-store": { ... },
  "xtdb/tx-log": { ... }
{:xtdb/index-store {:kv-store {:xtdb/module 'avisi.crux.xodus/->kv-store
                               :db-dir (io/file "/tmp/xodus")}}
 :xtdb/document-store {...}
 :xtdb/tx-log {...}}
{:xtdb/index-store {:kv-store {:xtdb/module avisi.crux.xodus/->kv-store
                               :db-dir "/tmp/xodus"}}
 :xtdb/document-store {...}
 :xtdb/tx-log {...}}


  • db-dir (required, string/File/Path): path to Xodus data directory