Crux is becoming XTDB!

You can read the rename announcement, or head to this page on the new XTDB site (where you'll be taken in 10 seconds).




XTDB would not exist without the community of vibrant open source projects on which it depends, and we hope that the XTDB community will serve to extend and reflect our gratitude.


We currently use GitHub Issues to work on near-term changes to the XTDB codebase and documentation. Please see the issues labelled with "good first issue" if you are looking for ideas to help push XTDB forward.

PRs with fixes and improvements to these docs are very welcome.


Please strive to follow the best-practices for commit messages which are outlined here.


A Contributor License Agreement (CLA) is necessary for us to ensure that we can support a healthy XTDB ecosystem over the indefinite future. Please complete the very short .rtf template linked below and email it to us,, along with a reference to your current PR on GitHub.